Who we are

Penumbra.Systems is a local startup from Portland, Oregon specializing in web design and networking for local area contractors on a budget. We work to market your brand and make you money first, and we're so confident about how we can benefit your company that we will guarantee results. If for any reason you're not satisfied with what we offer we won't charge you. What that means in short is that we are not here to take the money and run. We build on personal relationships and good business to create a vibrant community of like minded and successful individuals.

There are literally hundreds of website companies on the internet specializing in things like cheap wordpress sites, or emphasizing the DIY lifestyle of websites. We don't operate that way. We believe that trusting in the people who make this their living will always get you better results, faster and safer.

I started Penumbra.Systems after noticing how many poorly put together and hard to navigate sites there were for contractors. Web traffic should be accounting for the majority of business, but instead there are so many sites that just don't convey a very professional image. To complicate matters it's just not easy to find reliable developers on the internet, or to know who you can trust to get the job done right. There is also the support aspect, what happens when the site is live. Do you have anyone to call if things don't look right or they stop running?

At Penumbra I do it right the first time, and I build a relationship with customers. If something doesn't seem right you can always just call me and get it the way you want it.


Penumbra.Systems was established in Portland, Oregon as a division of Computer Courtyard PC Services. We focus less on IT and more on the software and soft skills side of computer support.

Penumbra is about value to the customer and creating opportunities for growth. We believe in treating the whole and not just our little part of it. If you share our passion for customer engagement, or just need someone reliable to support the product, then we might be a good choice for your project.

Penumbra.Systems specializes in web development and marketing for your company. We do websites, hosting, graphic design and brand marketing


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